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Rosalind Barden, not me.  My UK "twin" who writes mysterious books about the letter Z.

Douglas Clegg, friend to animals

Gris Grimly, he writes things, he draws things & he sells
T-shirts too!

Lisa Seidman, prolific writer of TV shows and mysteries.

Authors Publish

Free e-magazine with helpful tips for new writers andinfo on self-publishing.  I found Emily Harstone's AUTHORS PUBLISH article, "The Top 25 Publishers for New Authors," through a Sister's in Crime link.

Each Other vs. One Another weighs in with the history and current controversy. For myself, I prefer old school, with "each other" applying to two, and "one another" applying to three or more.  Example: The alien pair congratulated each other for defeating the vampires, whilst in the dark beneath the floorboards, the dozen surviving vampires whispered to one another, "Come sunset, the aliens will be ours." 

Lay vs. Lie

At, Brian A. Klems explains all, complete with chart!

Manuscript Preparation

SFWA's (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) manuscript format guidelines.

My Little Corner

Short story author Sandra Seamans shares useful info for mystery writers and listings of mystery short story markets in her award-winning blog.

Proper Manuscript Format

William Shunn's short story format template.

Best site to find online/print genre fiction. Ralan Conley, a fantastic writer by the way, created this multiple-award-winning website. I have found much wonderful reading here, not to mention great places to submit my work!

Short Fiction Mystery Society

Check out their Markets for Mystery and Crime Short Fiction.

Sisters in Crime (National)

I am a member of this great organization for mystery writers.  There are many local chapters too, with regular meetings.  LA Sisters in Crime has fantastic guest speakers.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

I have been a long time member of SCBWI, and have watched it grow into the best resource for authors and illustrators of books for the younger set. 


Mystery and Horror LLC

My short stories have found a home with this independent small press, which is fast gaining a reputation for quality, highly readable anthologies and novels.  Their books have won 2014 and 2015 President's Book Awards from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.  Their anthology HISTORY AND MYSTERY, OH MY!, which includes my short story, THE MONKEY's GHOST, achieved a Silver Medal. 

Visit Mystery and Horror LLC on Facebook.

Here are links to some of the webzines where my short stories have appeared:

Dark Fire Fiction

Long-time speculative fiction site.  Though you can no longer read my stories that were published here, they are listed in the archive.  Check out their new stories from many talented writers.

"A World of Wonder in 100 Words"

This webzine showcases the art of the drabble: short stories of exactly 100 words.  Editor Alex F. Fayle no longer publishes new drabbles, but you can get speculative fiction fix from the amazing mini-stories still posted!

Whispers of Wickedness

This is an archive of some of the stories that appeared in the late, great U.K. webzine.  Whispers of Wickedness was known for the high quality of its fiction and is sorely missed.  My stories aren't here, but I know you will enjoy many of the stories that are.


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